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**Hello and welcome to my website!** 

Please feel free to look around and call with any questions that you might have in regards to our chihuahua puppies that are for sale.  Here you will find info on my breeding practices along with information on health, socialization, and other knowledge I've gleaned in my many years of working with and loving this breed.  I'm here to help in any way that I can so please dont hesitate to ask!

This page is dedicated to letting you know about me and how I breed, raise, and take great care of my Chihuahuas.  We have around 6-8 litters of chihuahua puppies for sale per yer and strive for the highest quality over quantity.  All of our adult chihuahuas are in the 4-5 pound range and so our puppies are genetically very small as well.  Some people refer to these teeny tiny chihuahuas as "teacup chihuahuas", however this is just a term used to describe an ultra tiny chihuahua.  Not only are our chihuahua puppies ultra tiny, they have exceptional conformation in accordance with the chihuahua breed standard and wonderful, sweet temperaments.   I have spent my entire life caring for animals, but mainly chihuahuas.  I have been a hobby breeder of beautiful chihuahuas for over 10 years now, but in the last 4 years or so have started to take my breeding program much more serious and am now breeding only AKC chihuahuas with the goal of bettering the breed.  All of our chis are part of our family and we treat them as such. We strongly feel that no pet can learn any more or any less than the new owner takes time to teach them.  Our dogs are our entire life.  My biggest goal is to place each one into a loving, caring, proper environment with the right family so that everyone is happy.  We have placed puppies in happy homes all across the United States and Canada as well. We at NO time sell to pet shops, puppy brokers, or puppy mills.


If you have a specific look that you want in your chihuahua puppy please let me know.  If you browse through the pictures of "Our Chis" or "Past Puppies" you will see that we breed typey (pronounced applehead, smaller ears, shorter nose, bigger eyes, more compact cobby bodies, etc) and as a result our puppies are really gorgeous and typey as well.  All of our dogs have champion bloodlines and/or are champion sired (pedigrees of our dogs available upon request).  Each breeding is carefully planned with the right sire and dam that we feel will produce the best quality puppies (both temperament and looks).  I raise my chihuahuas indoors and they are potty pad trained from the time they are weaned at 5 weeks until they go to their new homes. The babies are held and loved on a daily basis from the moment that they are born (as well as in their mamas tummies!).  Socialization is so important early on and makes a life long difference in the overall temperament of the dog.  Many people think that chihuahuas are yappy and aggressive, and they can be, but mine are so well socialized that almost every single person that comes in contact with our adult dogs and puppies comments on how well behaved and friendly they are!  When you see and hold one for yourself you will see they are very comfortable with humans.  They do not nip or bark, they are not yappy, and they certainly do not bite. My chihuahuas wag their tail and wait to be picked up. I wash their bedding and care for them every single day as their health is of utmost importance as well. 

My chihuahua pups are started on

Royal Canin Mini Puppy


I love this stuff!!!

I find it is the most suitable for their x-small mouths (it's the tiniest and most palatable kibble I've found after 10 years of trying almost every brand on the market) and I do not have any health/digestive issues whatsoever.  I believe a high quality food makes a huge difference in the health, energy and coat of a chihuahua. I recommend Royal Canin to any dog owner and it's a must have when taking home one of our puppies for especially for those first few months while they're adapting and settling in to their new homes.  Once my dogs are 6 months of age+ I have been Raw feeding them and have seen a drastic improvement in their overall health & dental health as well VS. just dry kibble alone.

Feel free to research it further or ask me any questions you might have. 

I supplement their daily diet of

ZiwiPeak Real Meat Grain Free Air Dried Dog Food

with 3-4 small raw bones per week (Chicken drumsticks and pork ribs from pastured animals are the favorites around here).  ZiwiPeak has proven to be invaluable to me in my goal of feeding my dogs as healthy and as close to nature as possible.  This is their daily meal(s) and each Chi gets just a tiny serving because it's pure goodness and not fillers, and then a small raw bone to work on every other day.  Many people are afraid of the raw aproach but since switching a year and a half ago my dogs are thriving and have more energy than ever.      


I feel my puppies deserve to be met in person by a chihuahua lover who takes the time out to come and meet them, but I do understand that this is not always possible.  I am very strict however with who I let into our home and the age of the puppies at the time, to ensure that they've had two sets of vaccinations prior.  This is for the safety of my dogs and I don't compromise it.  I take the time to talk/email and build a relationship with potential puppy buyers before allowing visting hours or adoptions, so please be prepared to tell me a bit about yourself!  A chihuahua is the best friend you will ever have.  I can't wait for you to meet our beautiful babies.   Thanks for visiting our website. 




*We currently have chihuahua puppies for sale.  Please visit the "Available" Page of our website to view pictures and information about these puppies.  Our puppies are adopted quickly, so if you see one that you like please don't hesitate to contact us! I respond most quickly to emails or a detailed voicemail describing exactly which puppy you're interested in or what you are looking for. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions: Chihuahuadreams27@yahoo.com or 949.923.9623








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