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This page is dedicated to past puppies in their new homes.  I love to stay in touch with families that have adopted one of my babies, so if you would like to email me pictures I will add them to this page.  It is great to hear how they are doing and how pretty they look all grown up!  Most of our puppies have ended up less than 4 pounds full grown. 

Annabelle -- Now Mimi

Hey Lauren!

It’s Clare from New Jersey. Just wanted to drop a note - and a few pictures - to let you know how much we are enjoying our little princess. She is so sweet and such a great addition to our family! (Actually, we love her so much, we’re considering getting another puppy - we might need to talk!)

My daughter and her friends took MiMi to the park for a little walk and photo shoot - she is everyone’s favorite baby.

Tink -- Now Peanut

Hey Lauren!

It's so good to hear from you! :) Tink (now Peanut) is doing awesome! She's quite the character. She LOVES our 10 year old English Setter more than anything and we've bought so many different outfits for her, which she's not a fan of wearing I might add. We love our little baby more than anything, and we're so happy you could provide her to us. :)

 We're so happy to have her :) and she's about 3 pounds now, maybe a little more.. But she definitely keeps us busy! I'll send you more pictures as they get cuter and cuter. My mom actually dressed her up as a taco for Halloween and is looking into getting her a little Christmas outfit lol. So expect some more pics ;) it means a lot to us that you're checking back up on her to make sure she's doing okay. I appreciate it.


Thumbelina -- Now Coco

Yes I changed her name! We call her Coco. You have no idea how much joy and happiness my baby girl is to us! She is so spoiled! No problem potty training her, she is so smart, she does not bark only if someone is at the door. She is so sweet, not mean or never bites anyone just gives kisses.
I just adore!  Thank you for sending her to us!

Cassie -- Now Cindee

Thanks for the reply! Full grown the vet said she may not even reach four pounds. She is currently 3.6. She has so much personality and it's hilarious to see her and my chunky Dachshund playing ....she is about 1/5 her size but tiana is so careful with her and has never hurt her. Oddly enough I live right next to an area that has a lot of wild hawks and they fly over licking their lips at cindee so I am really careful to never let her out in the yard when they are present. Scary thought!

I have a lot of dogs in my life but never one that is this loving and sweet and makes the funniest cooing noises. I can't leave her for very long, she cries big time if she can't find me so when I took my hubby to Carmel for his bday we stayed in a dog friendly hotel and had a dog sitter when we went out. She literally sleeps curled up next to my neck every night. My husband just laughs and says I am an enabler! Haha

I have a carry purse for her and took her all over when we went in and out of shops in Carmel, so many people remark on her beautiful markings and colors. She is so well behaved and friendly towards people who inevitably want to fawn over her. She even goes potty on command! She learned to respond to the command my other dogs know to " go to your bed now, we are eating" ( I don't allow dogs at the dinner table) she goes straight to her bed and stays til we are done. Honestly Lauren she is a dream dog! Sorry for such a long note, just wanted to share about her. Many blessings to you! Rhonda

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