Caring for Your New Puppy


We Breed for Sanity: All of our chihuahuas are first and foremost bred to have a bubbly, outgoing personality. We feel that their mental status and personality are the most important aspects of a quality chihuahua. Which is more important in your mind, beauty or brains? Although conformation is a major part of our breeding plan, an intelligent and loveable chihuahua is our top priority.

The Health of our puppies: Our main goal is to produce a healthy loving addition to your family. We do stand behind our puppies for soundness. At no time is any dog used for breeding that is not 100% sound. We strongly feel that the aggression level of this tiny breed can be eliminated through a careful and selective breeding program. Our main goal for over 8 years is to add a little ray of sunshine to your family and make life a little less lonely.

Vaccinations and Socialization: No puppy is ever sold without having at least 2 sets of shots and being de-wormed. All puppies must be at least 8-10 weeks old before they will leave my home. Some, however, may need to stay longer depending upon size, depending upon their weaning process and their ability to eat solid food. All puppies are fully weaned, well socialized and raised with people, cats, and other pets and exposed to everyday household sounds (example: phones, vacuums, television, etc) because they are raised in our home. Socialization and exposure to household sounds are very important for a young puppy, as it gives them a proper start to becoming a wonderful companion.


About Shipping: I always prefer pick-up, but will ship, if necessary.  I only charge what it costs me to fly your puppy to you.  With the ever increasing price of gas, the airfare continues to rise.  The shipping cost for one puppy is $325.00, which includes airfare (approximately $240), health certificate from the vet ($50), travel crate, and bedding.  Right now I am just absorbing the price of the trip to the airport (an hour and 15 minutes) myself.  Two puppies shipping together in the same crate is $ 400.00.  I only use Delta or Continental (they both do a wonderful job) and I always strive to get the shortest flight possible.  We ship anywhere in the continental U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and other countries which can accept pets without excessive quarantine restrictions.


What we provide: Your puppy comes to you full of love and personality. We also provide a sample of food, complete health records, and a puppy pack.   We are available at any time to aid you in any questions that you may have concerning one of our babies. Feel free to call at any time, day or night, if you have a problem or concern with one of our little ones. We only want what is best for the puppy and for you.








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